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I am taking a leave at this time. I will answer to Emergency situations only, I have to kids at home out from school. Take care and be safe. Thanks for your patience.  

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New Orleans massage therapist Shermicya Singleton.


AlllOver at Rooted In Wellness, I  enter each session with open ears and  an open heart, while striving to learn as much about each body as I can during each session. 

Not your typical relaxing massage. Swedish massage is my least favorite modality, there's always work to be done.  We have been overusing and misusing our bodies since kids.


DRINK WATER (at least half your body weight)

BREATHE (deeeeeeep breaths)

I want my clients to be more aware of their bodies, and everything that's going on with their bodies, just from my massages..

Each session is customized to fit the clients needs. I do not charge extra for anything but time and distance traveled. 

My goal is to bring awareness to as many bodies and somebodies that I can. oh and do work with the knowles family! 

Otherwise I'm just a gal from Nola. I have two daughters that my life revolve around.. Traveling through life, nice to meet you on this journeyt


Licensed Professional

Licensed Professional

Licensed Professional

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Licensed Professional





We abide by state and local laws, we are licensed and Insured.

4 years licensed and insured.




We are always learning, exploring, and discovering new ways to help our clients feel their best each day.



Massage triggers emotional releases

Shermicya gave the best massage I’ve ever received. Her intuitive knowledge of my body literally brought out things that transcended a regular massage. Her soft but firm hands were the perfect amount of pressure to release.






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The vibes were great when I entered the room so thats always a plus. I have 4 children, a husband, and a job SOO I needed lots of relief. Her hands are GOD GIVEN👌👌 I feel like a whole new Queen. The suction cups are really great for pain too! The scene & bed was really comfortable while the room filled with aromatherapy. OVERALL EXPERIENCE WAS DIVINE😍😍 yours truly, QueenLex👑

New Orleans Queen LEX, 

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This place is amazing. If you want a REAL massage. This is the place to go. You will truly feel like a new person. You will literally be in the best hands. Intuitive. Strong. Capable. Passionate. This is her calling. And I am sooo full of gratitude that I found this place. Sort of scared to leave such an awesome review because she is going to book up fast!!!! Every aspect of the service is top notch. Cupping if necessary. Hot towels. Awesome lotion. It is all above and beyond!!! Do yourself a favor and go to Tchoup and get a massage. You will feel like the world is a better place.

--Jena, New Orleans, LA

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The standard 60 minute full body massage is excellent and I recommend it to everyone. But what I really appreciate is our targeted work on the problem areas on my back. My pain was taken seriously and we focused an entire session on addressing that issue and it was a success!

Therapeutic massage produces great results. 

Get your massage therapy appointment now. appointments available daily in New Orleans & Slidell

Booking Policy

Rooted In Wellness Massage policies

Come expecting a 100% PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC  MASSAGE if this is not respected, all monies will be forfeiting whether massage is completed or not. 

Massage must be paid in full. 

The client is responsible for their own appointment 

Illness & Accidents are allowed one rescheduling.

50% refund if client choses not to